Western Pre-Wet System for Striker Stainless Steel Hopper Spreaders

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Western Pre-Wet System for Striker Stainless Steel Hopper Spreaders

Western Pre-Wet System for Striker Stainless Steel Hopper Spreaders

Use Less Salt and Accelerate Melting

The new Western pre-wet system accessory allows the operator to pre-wet material with a brine solution just before it hits the spinner.  This provides two distinct advantages over dry application. Pre-wetting salt begins a chemical reaction in the salt which accelerates melting. Pre-wet granules also bounce less when hitting the pavement for greater material control.  Studies have proven application rates can be reduced by 20%-30% when pre-wetting salt with liquids.  Get more jobs done faster, saving time and money.

  • Available for all Striker spreader models
  • 25 and 50 gallon poly tank capacities
  • 7′ and 8′ models can accept up to (4) 25 gallon tanks
  • 9′ and 10′ models can accept up to (6) 50 or 25 gallon tanks
  • Corrosion-resistant protected enclosure for pump, electronics and valves


Existing Controls

The popular electric Striker hopper spreader control (shown) already includes a pre-wet accessory button which provides simple on/off operation, allowing the operator to choose when to apply brine while spreading.  The flow rate is set manually using the valve in the pump housing.

Additional In-Cab Control option

For operators who want additional flow control from inside the cab, a separate in-cab control option is available, featuring a flow control dial and warning lights that alert the operator of a clog, or if the tanks are empty.

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