SaltDogg TGS01B Tailgate Spreader – With Wireless Remote Control System EXCLUSIVE

Only at SnowplowsPlus will you receive a FREE Wireless Remote Control Kit already pre-installed on the SaltDogg TGS01B

The SaltDogg TGS01B spreader is a tailgate spreader with an 8 cubic feet capacity hopper to allow you to hold enough bags of rock salt or similar deicing material to get the job done without needing to refill your hopper. The SaltDogg TGS01B is perfect for driveways, parking lots, or any other surface that gets slick when it snows or rains. Provide safety for your customers and clients with an additional service of ice management on top of your existing snow plow services. The SaltDogg TGS01B Salt Spreader is that perfect addition to any snow removal company and is easily mounted on the back of any 1/2-ton and 3/4 ton trucks.