SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Spreader – Pre-Installed Wireless Remote Controller Kit

Buy your SaltDogg TGS05B salt spreader with our EXCLUSIVE Wireless Controller

With 10.79 cubic feet capacity, the SaltDogg TGS05b tailgate spreader by Buyers for commercial use.  Our wireless remote system allows you to plug directly into the 7 prong on your truck and allow for up to 300′ of wireless connectivity. The SaltDogg TGS05B spreader is powered by a 12V DC variable speed motor allows for bulk salt, and salt and sand mix to easily be spread from 3′ – 30′ away from the vehicle. 1/2 ton all the way up to 1 ton trucks can take advantage of the smaller sized spreader in order to enhance your snow and ice removal experience.