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Certified OEM Boss Snow Plow Parts and Western Snow Plow Parts

  • All Boss Snow Plows, Boss Snow Plow parts, Western Snow Plows, and Western Snow Plow parts purchased from are 100% Brand New OEM direct from Boss and Western respectively. 
  • Both Boss Snow Plows and Western Snow Plows come with a manufacturer warranty. If you replace your Boss and Western plow parts with anything other than OEM (from a Boss or Western verified dealer) then your warranty is now void.
  • Other snow plow sites on the web are selling aftermarket parts, which will effectively end your warranty on your Boss Snow Plows and Western Snow Plows.
  • What they are failing to advise you of is that your warranty is now void as soon as you install that part.
  • Aftermarket Western and Boss snow plow parts will void the manufacturer warranty.

Devoted Customer Service Experts of Boss & Western Snow Plows

  • We always treat our customers like family and will ensure that you won’t want to buy your Boss and Western Snow plows or snow plow parts from anywhere else!
  • Seamless transactions and fast shipping! 99% of the time, the day you place an order on, your order will ship same day.
  • After the product arrives we will provide general troubleshooting on all Boss snow plows and Western snow plows and snow plow parts just for being our customer! Give us a call or feel free to use our live chat in the lower right hand corner!
  • When you purchase from, you become part of the Snow Plows Plus family.

Innovation for Efficiency - Wireless Innovation For Heavy Duty Tasks

  • One stop shop for all Boss snow plows and Western snow plows.
  • We specialize in Boss and Western snow plows, parts, accessories, and salt spreaders as well as wireless technology that can only be found at
  • We carry a revolutionary technology which allows you to “cut the cords” on your current snow plow remote or ANY 12 V application from boat lifts to oil drillers.
  • Why buy a Boss Salt Spreader, Salt Dogg Salt Spreader, or Western Salt Spreader anywhere else when you can buy from and have a wireless spreader without bulky cords and limited movement.
  • With thousands of snow plow and salt spreader parts on hand, innovative technology and same day shipping, you won’t need to shop anywhere else!

Worldwide Shipping - Only Offered at

  • has the ability to ship any and all parts to any part of the globe. All International rates must be discussed via live chat or phone before purchase.
  • Our service and troubleshooting are not comparable.
  • Some customers drive hundreds of miles across the country to purchase their snow plows from us because of the way we treat them before, during and after their purchase.
  • Our global presence is now starting to take shape with an expansion to sales not only in Canada, but overseas as well.
  • For questions, please use the live chat or contact us page!
  • The type of quality, customer service, and dedication you receive from the SnowPlowsPlus team provides a customer experience that can’t be beat.