Plow Points Rewards Information

Sign Up for Plow Points Rewards for FREE

Simply head over to the Register/My Account section of SnowplowsPlus, sign up for a free account and start earning points! 100% free.

  • Head over to the Register/My Account page to create an account.
  • Start earning points by leaving blog comments, referring friends, reviewing products, or making purchases on
  • Once you earn points, you can view your account balance anytime at your My Account page on SnowplowsPlus.
  • After you've earned points, come back to and spend your points on your next order. We'll automatically convert your Plow Points to dollars at checkout and you'll save immediately. Points will expire 30 days after earning so come back often!

Earn Points From Purchases

When you buy on, you’ll earn points on every single order, for free. Points are earned based on 10% of your total cart. So if you spend $500 on plow parts, you’ll earn 50 points, which is worth $5.00 in points. Use those points on future purchases. Earn more points to accrue a larger discount on future orders. No minimum. No maximum.

Earn Points from Referrals

Create a free account with us on and head over to the Plow Points section within your “My Account” page to find your referral link. Refer a friend, family member or co-worker to us with your personal referral link. If they click the link and make a purchase, you’ll earn bonus Plow Points based on their purchase. If they buy a new set of plow lights from us for $500, not only will they earn their own Plow Points, but you’ll also earn points from their order. On a $500 order, you’d receive 100 points, worth $10 for you to spend on a future order.

Earn Points for Product Reviews

Already purchased from us or own a plow, spreader or part listed on our site? Leave a review while logged into your account and you’ll earn 10 points per review. That’s $1.00 per review. That adds up quick when there’s no minimum or maximum. Feel like filling out 10 reviews for 10 products you’ve bought from us? That’s $10.00 for free into your Plow Points rewards account for future purchases.

Earn Points for Blog Comments

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of a v-plow compared to a straight blade snow plow? No? Well, head over to our SnowplowsPlus Blog and read up on a variety of different topics including, but not limited to, plowing tips, installation guides, troubleshooting checklists, “How To” articles, new product alerts, and more. While you’re there, leave a comment on the blog post. If approved by our admins, you’ll receive 10 points per comment. Must be a constructive comment of more than a few words in order to earn points.

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