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Leading in snow removal and ice management technology, SnowEx snow plows and salt spreaders are available form SnowplowsPlus to help take your winter business to the next level. We not only have you covered with snow plows and spreaders but also parts that make up the entire SnowEx line. Check out the subcategories below to find out why SnowEx is the leader in ince control and snow removal.

SnowplowsPlus is proud to offer the SnowEx snow plow and salt spreader brand as an authorized dealer. Not only will you find the entire SnowEx snow plow and salt spreader lineup, but also the entire makeup of snow plow and spreader parts that you may need along the way. From the newest and greatest from SnowEx to the tried and true spreaders that put SnowEx on the map, check out their low prices and cutting edge technology that can’t be beat.

SnowEx Snow Plows

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Complete snow plow packages from SnowEx and SnowplowsPlus are ready to buy at the lowest prices around. Get your plow when you need it rather than waiting weeks. With SnowplowsPlus, we'll get you freight tracking as soon as it leaves the warehouse which is usually next day. Checkout the entire SnowEx snow plow lineup and get your truck ready for winter. SnowEx has you covered, regardless of your preferences and needs including light duty truck straight blades, UTV plows, heavy duty straight blades, the all new SpeedWing and Power Plow Hinged Blades as well as Pusher plows. All of our SnowEx snow plow packages come complete with plow, mount, all wiring, and controller for your specific truck or UTV.

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SnowEx Power Plow For Those Who Want Maximum Control The SnowEx adjustable-wing POWER PLOW offers the versatility to expand plow width by expanding the wings outward or increase capacity by angling the wings forward, independently or together, to match any plowing condition. A snow plow in compact mode for transport and narrow areas can quickly be expanded for extra wide plowing passes by simply pushing a button. The SnowEx POWER PLOW is engineered for efficiency, allowing you to shift the plow blade from BUCKET BLADE™ scoop mode to an optimum windrowing position with the simple push of a button. Scoop mode can carry up to 30% more snow than a straight blade, while a windrowing angle helps complete the job in fewer passes. Variable Straight Blade Modes Change On The Fly8100PP model expands from 8 feet to 10 feet, while the 8611PP goes from 8½ to 11 feet wide. Use compact mode for transport and plowing narrow areas, or expand the wings to make extra wide plowing passes. Make adjustments at the touch of a button for maximum plowing efficiency.

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