Boss Salt Spreaders are designed based on your input! From the low-profile design of the Boss Poly Hopper Salt Spreader which is designed in a way that allows for clear unobstructed vision at all times, to the swing away spinner assembly found on the Boss TGS 800 Salt Spreader which allows for quick removal of leftover material and to ensure corrosion does not build up on the spinner assembly itself. Overall, Boss Salt Spreaders are manufactured for one purpose, making the lives of snow removal professionals easier and more efficient all around. Boss Salt Spreaders can be bought from us at our Minnesota location and start taking advantage of a complete snow and ice management system. Bring your business to the next level and provide your customers a complete service this winter with the power of Boss salt spreaders. Check out all of the variations below including all of the tailgate spreaders, v box spreaders, and walk behind salt spreaders to help determine the best solution for you and your business applications.