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The Possibilities Are Endless

Wireless solutions for the snow and ice industry are only found at SnowplowsPlus and ControlAllWireless. With our wireless remote control systems, you can turn your salt/sand spreader into a wireless spreader with ease! No more bulky wires running from the front of the truck to the spreader, not to mention drilling into your truck's dashboard. Instead, hook up our wireless remote control unit into your existing spreader and gain the ability to move your wireless salt spreader from truck to truck without having to completely rewire your truck and drill into dashboards.  SnowplowsPlus not only provides wireless solutions for salt spreaders, but now Snow Plows as well. Check out our Universal Snow Plow Remote Control Kit for specific product details and information on how you can convert your snow plow into a wireless remote controlled plow in no time. All you need is a wireless control kit to get started! No more wiring! No spotty connections! Backed by a 1 year warranty! Built for the elements to survive harsh winters!

Wireless remote controllers for any salt spreader on the market today. Find universal wireless conversion kits for salt spreaders, snow plows, or any 12V dc operated system such as tow truck wireless, trailer wireless, or light wireless solutions. The only place for “Plug N’ Play” universal wireless controllers for any brand of tailgate salt spreader with a single 12V DC motor.

Replacement Wireless Transmitters Controllers

Replacement Wireless Transmitters Controllers (17)

Find replacement wireless transmitters for any of our wireless remote control kits for DC applications. Replacement wireless salt spreader keyfobs, or wireless transmitter controllers, are available with rubber boots and glow in the dark fronts for easy viewing in a dark truck cab. Find replacement 600DC wireless remote controllers, 625DC, 650DC, and any other Control All Wireless or SnowplowsPlus universal wireless remote control transmitter.
Wireless Controller Accessories & Parts

Wireless Controller Accessories & Parts (22)

Wireless remote control transmitter and wireless receiver accessories for wireless salt spreader controllers or any 12v dc wireless application. If you are having issues with spotty connections due to a steel enclosure, try our 2 foot antenna extension which screws into your existing wireless receiver to provide an even better wireless connection extension.
Wireless Salt Spreader Solutions

Wireless Salt Spreader Solutions (179)

Wireless remote controller conversion kits for salt spreaders are one of the most common applications our wireless remote controls are used on. Our weather protected and weather podded wireless transmitters and wireless receiver kits can be installed on all of the major salt spreader brands on the market today.
Wireless Snow Plow Remote

Wireless Snow Plow Remote (4)

Snow Plow Wireless Remote Control Kits are universal and made to fit 99% of straight blade snow plows on the market today. Conversion kits are easy to install and will provide tons of benefits including overall price!
Wireless Tow Truck & Trailer Lights

Wireless Tow Truck & Trailer Lights (1)

Wireless lighting solutions specifically for tow trucks and trailers. You'll find wireless tow lights, wireless trailer lights, magnetic trailer lights, tow lights, magnetic tow lights, wireless towing lights, and wireless tow light bars to complete your conversion.
Wireless Units (Complete)

Wireless Units (Complete) (28)

From tow trucks, to light bars and salt spreaders, Control All Wireless has a wireless conversion kit for any 12V or 24V DC application. Buy complete kits with wireless receivers and wireless transmitters to complete the conversion, starting at $239 and built to last in the USA! Start your wireless conversion and buy a brand new Wireless Conversion Kit with a wireless transmitter and wireless receiver today!