Wireless Controllers

Together with ControlAllWireless, SnowplowsPlus brings you the perfect solution to provide wireless controllers to your snow and ice equipment and any other 12V powered applications. From tow trucks and salt spreaders to snow plows and lift gates, our wireless controllers will easily convert your existing wired application into a wireless controlled application. No more running wires all over your truck and through your truck dashboard just to wire up your new salt spreader. Instead, get a wireless controller kit for half the price of OEM and double the efficiency output. Replace all of your existing controller functions for your spreaders including variable speed, choke, vibrate, lights and more. We are the only place to buy wireless snow plow controllers on the market. Control your snow plow with the palm of your hand and the easy to use handheld wireless controls and replace all of your existing functions on your controller including float mode. Our wireless control kits are all-weather potted in order to allow you to use in the harshest weather conditions including heat, extreme cold, snow, ice, sleet, rain, and anything else Mother Nature throws your way. With up to 500 feet of connectivity, you won’t have to worry about any dropped signals or interruptions. Move your salt spreader from truck to truck without having to buy a ton of parts such as new wiring or the base controller itself. Stick with a wireless controller from SnowplowsPlus and you’ll immediately see the benefits and wonder why you didn’t make the switch long ago. With thousands of satisfied customers, we’ve helped many different businesses make the switch and convert applications to wireless including tow trucks, cranes, truck lifts, wheelchair accessible vans and vehicles, salt spreaders, snow plows, dustless blasting, sandblasting, oil rigs, wireless on off, wireless switches, and anything else you can dream up.