SnowDogg Technical Support

SnowDogg Plow Selector Tool

See which SnowDogg plows will fit on your vehicle. Some vehicles aren’t able to handle the larger SnowDogg plows, while some vehicles aren’t able to handle any snow plows. The SnowDogg plow selector tool allows you to input your specific year, make, and model of your vehicle to be shown a list of SnowDogg plow models that will work for you.

SnowDogg Catalogs Brochures

Use SnowDogg catalogs and brochures to help you make the perfect purchase for you and your snow management business. View digital catalogs or download a PDF version to print out for your own personal reading.

SnowDogg Plow Registration

Register your new SnowDogg snow plow equipment to help protect your plow for the long haul and begin to be protected by your SnowDogg warranty.

SnowDogg Technical Support

Have a question on your SnowDogg snow plow? Need a repair but not sure what the issue could be? Ask SnowDogg customer support to see if there’s a quick fix or if you should bring the snow plow into your nearest dealer for a larger repair.

SnowDogg Plow Manuals

Your SnowDogg snow plow equipment is made up of hundreds of parts. When something goes wrong, it’s best to check out the product manual which will also have the parts makeup along with other helpful troubleshooting information. We have them all available for viewing and download so you can print out and hang in your shop for future use. Find owner’s manuals, installation instructions, wiring schematics, and much more.

SnowDogg Warranty Information

When you buy a new SnowDogg snow plow equipment, you are protected with a SnowDogg warranty which will ensure you don’t have to worry about your machine breaking down and you having to fork out thousands of dollars in repairs. Specifically, check out what your SnowDogg warranty covers by clicking here.

SnowDogg Plow Service Bulletins

SnowDogg snow plow service bulletins are used to help keep SnowDogg customers in the loop with any changes, updates, or revisions made to your specific SnowDogg plow. Click to see if there are any important changes or updates that have been made to your SnowDogg snow plow.

Want Free SnowDogg Stickers?

If you own a SnowDogg Plow, chances are the SnowDogg logo decal has begun to wear and become faded. Click to fill out a form and have SnowDogg send you a new decal sticker for your SnowDogg snow plow.

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