Western Salt Spreader Parts

Western Salt Spreader Parts for the complete lineup of salt spreaders from Western including Western tailgate salt spreaders, walk behind spreaders, in bed hopper spreaders, and even the all new Western Sprayer. We have replacement parts such as replacement motors for the Western Low Profile Tailgate spreaders, accessory lights for the Western Striker Spreaders, and exclusively found at SnowplowsPlus are wireless remote control conversion kits to convert any Western salt spreader or Western sander to a wireless remote control system from up to 500 feet away including some with “Plug N’ Play” technology allowing you to move from truck to truck.

SnowplowsPlus carries the entire catalog of  Western Salt Spreader Parts and all of our parts are 100% genuine Western parts. Find specific replacement parts or accessories for your Western salt spreader including flow kits, control parts, service parts, chute assembly parts, replacement lids, top gates, work lights, wiring, and everything in between.