Western Plows Technical Support

Western Quick Match Selection Tool

Use the Western Quick Match to easily identify which Western snow plows will fit your vehicle based on your vehicle’s unique specifications. Remember, if your vehicle is not listed in QuickMatch, it does not have an approved snow plow application based upon Western Products’ guidelines in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Western Catalogs Brochures

Western PDF Brochures and Catalogs for the entire snow and ice line of products are available for digital viewing as well as PDF download if you’d rather print out the catalog. Find full specifications, features, and comparisons across all snow plows and spreaders available from Western.

Western Warranty Registration

Click to be taken to the Warranty registration form in order to register your Western equipment. You can register Western plows and Western spreaders. Be sure to grab your product serial number from your plow or spreader before beginning. 

Western Products Technical Support

Have a question on a repair for your Western plow? How about a question on maintaining your plow or specifics on your ice management system? Ask Western directly and their contact form.

Western Publications Library Manuals

Find your specific Western plow or spreader’s product manual by following this link. From owner’s manuals and parts lists to wiring schematics and in-depth specifications. Installation instructions are also found for everything from wiring to undercarriages and mounts.

Western Products Warranty Policies

When you buy Western plows and spreaders, you can bet that they have your back. Check out what’s covered and how to handle warranty work if needed for your Western snow and ice equipment.

Western Parts Posters

If you own a Western plow or Western salt spreader and are in need of a repair part but aren’t quite sure of the part number, check out all of the parts posters. A specific parts poster is available for each plow and spreader. Each poster shows an exploded view of the product with each part that makes up the Western equipment.

Western Maintenance Videos

Check out all of the Western plows and spreader maintenance videos which are designed to help Western customers increase the longevity of their snow plows and spreaders through proper preventive maintenance procedures, preseason care, and basic troubleshooting techniques.

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