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SnowplowsPlus is a proud distributor of Western Plows and Salt Spreaders. We have been a verified deal of Western Plows for the past ten years and will continue to do so due to their trustworthy and strong line of snowplows and salt spreaders. Specifically speaking to the Western Plows, overall Western is about innovation. From the Western MVP3 plow with stainless steel edges, or its the Western Wide-Out plow with adjustable wings that are adjustable from the comfort of the cab of your truck. Western Plows continues to provide durability and a snowplow lineup that should be added to any snow removal business’s fleet of equipment.

The Western lineup of salt spreaders lead the way when it comes to ice removal. The Western tailgate spreader models 500 and 1000 continue to be the hottest sellers with their easy hookup and attachment to any plow truck. Their newest salt spreader, the Western Striker is new for 2015 and have been flying off the shelves already. Reserve yours today before you have to wait until next year to get your hands on this stainless steel salt spreader monster!

UltraMount and UltraMount 2 (2004+)

Western provide a strong snow plow that will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws it’s way. The Western Plow UltraFinish which is found on all Western Plows provides a protection to the snow plow which can’t be matched elsewhere. The UltraFinish provides strength against corrosion while your plow takes care of business. The Western Prodigy and Wide-Out are new innovative plows from Western which have adjustable wings which move with the pressure of the snow (prodigy) or are controlled from the comfort of your cab (wide-out). These innovate plows are only a few of the great new ways that Western Plows continue to lead the way on the road and throughout the winter months. Trust your business and accounts with a Western Plow.

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