Western Salt Spreader Packages

With over 30 different variations of salt and spreaders, Western is the perfect solution to your ice management needs. SnowplowsPlus offers the complete lineup of Western Salt Spreader Packages and Western Sand Spreaders at low prices and shipping right to your door. Easy ordering with in depth information as well as specifications such as weights, hopper capacity, dimensions and more are just a click away. Compare all of the Western Salt Spreaders found on SnowplowsPlus to find your perfect and ideal salt spreader for your application use. From Western Tailgate Spreaders like the Pro Flo and Low Profile to Western Hopper Spreaders like the Western Striker or Tornado spreaders, we have the most in stock Western Salt Spreader Packages available and for sale than any other in the industry.

When it comes to ice control, there’s no room for error. No time for down time. And no excuses. Because your reputation is only as good as your last job. Our full line of best-in-class stainless steel and poly hopper spreaders, single- and dual-stage tailgates, wireless tailgates and walk-behind spreaders are engineered to give you precise control, spread material more evenly, maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Long-lasting, reliable ice-control performance, right down to the pavement. Stake your reputation on it.

When you buy your new Western spreaders from SnowplowsPlus, you have the option of getting a wireless controller pre-installed by us and ControlAllWireless. We are the only ones on the market with this technology to fit any and all Western tailgate or hopper spreaders on the market today. Find out more by heading over to our Wireless section.