Western Salt & Sand Spreader Packages

Western Salt & Sand Spreader Packages

Whether your ice removal needs are for personal use, municipal use, facilities/property maintenance use, or professionally; Western Salt Spreaders are your first line of defense fighting back ice and buildup on the roadways. This winter, be sure to have a Western Salt Spreader on your side and either on your tailgate or in your truck box to ensure the job will get done right the first time without any hold up or issues with your equipment. With Snowplowsplus on your side with a Western Salt spreader, the possibilities are endless.Click on the Wireless link on the top of Snowplowsplus.com to find out more about turning any Western Salt Spreader (and any other salt spreader on the market) from a wired unit to a wireless unit. All Western Salt Spreaders that connect via Tailgate such as the Pro-Flo, Low Profile Model 500 and 1000, and Low Pro 300W can be converted to a wireless unit with a wireless remote control. Meaning, you simply plug your Western Tailgate Salt Spreader into the back of your truck with a 7 prong cord (on 95% of trucks, otherwise simply supply power and ground wire from 12v under the hood. You then have a wireless remote with a 100 foot range with you in the cab with the same functionality as you did with those pesky wires in your cab. That's right, no more wires going from the truck battery through your firewall and into your cab. Move your wireless Western Salt Spreader from truck to truck with ease and without additional wiring!

With over 30 different variations of salt and spreaders, Western is the perfect solution to your ice management needs. SnowplowsPlus offers the complete lineup of Western Salt Spreaders and Western Sand Spreaders at low prices and shipping right to your door. Easy ordering with in depth information as well as specifications such as weights, hopper capacity, dimensions and more are just a click away. Compare all of the Western Salt Spreaders found on SnowplowsPlus to find your perfect and ideal salt spreader for your application use. From Western Tailgate Spreaders like the Pro Flo and Low Profile to Western Hopper Spreaders like the Western Striker or Tornado spreaders, we have the most in stock Western Spreaders available and for sale than any other in the industry.

Western Hopper Salt & Sand Spreaders

Western Hopper Salt & Sand Spreaders (4)

Western Hopper Salt & Sand Spreaders are sold and for sale from SnowplowsPlus including the Western Tornado spreader and the Western Striker spreader. Western Hopper spreaders are perfect for commercial use and will fit perfectly in the back of your 3/4 ton, 1 ton, or flat bed truck with ease. Compare between the two Western Hopper spreader series to see differences between the two including Western Spreader prices, weights and dimensions, spreading material, and much more. We have all the information you could ever need to confidently select and choose your new Western Hopper Salt Spreader.
Western Tailgate Salt Spreaders

Western Tailgate Salt Spreaders (6)

Western Tailgate Salt Spreaders for sale at low prices and fast shipping from SnowplowsPlus. We're the only place to buy your brand new Western Tailgate spreaders with wireless remote controllers already pre-installed. We carry the entire lineup of Western Tailgate spreaders including the Low-Profile series and the Pro-Flo series. Expand your business and start making a little extra money this winter by equipping your truck with a Western Tailgate Spreader.
Western UTV Salt Spreaders

Western UTV Salt Spreaders (2)

Western UTV Salt Spreaders for sale and ready to ship to your door. Choose between the Western UTV Tornado Hopper Spreader or the Western Low Pro 300W Tailgate Spreader in order to put your UTV to work this winter. SnowplowsPlus sells both models at low prices and we provide you with all the information you need to make that next purchase including dimensions, weights, hopper capacity and more. Come find out why Western UTV Spreaders are the ideal choice for hitting those harder to reach areas like sidewalks and walkways in order to provide your customers with a complete ice management solution.
Western Walk-Behind Spreaders

Western Walk-Behind Spreaders (3)

Western Walk-Behind Spreaders are the perfect way to give your clients a 100% and complete ice management solution this winter, even on those hard to reach places. Buy a new Western Walk Behind Spreader or Western Drop Spreader and have it delivered to your door. Our prices are the lowest around and you are guaranteed to receive authentic OEM Western products from SnowplowsPlus. Check out the rest of the information on the Western Walk-Behind Spreader family including prices, shipping information, dimensions, hopper capacity, tire size and much more.