Western Hopper Salt & Sand Spreaders

Western Hopper Salt & Sand Spreaders

From the Western Tornado 3 cubic yard spreaders to the Western UTV Tornado Hopper spreader and Western Striker salt spreaders, SnowplowsPlus has you covered with the entire Western Hopper Salt and Sand Spreaders lineup. Not only do we offer each variety of Western's Hopper Salt and Sand spreaders, but we also offer these spreaders with a wireless remote control hookup not found elsewhere. Rather than drill into your truck's dashboard to run a ton of wires, you have the option to replace the wires for a wireless remote control from ControlAllWireless and SnowplowsPlus. The differences between the UTV Tornado spreader, the Striker spreader, and Tornado spreaders are vast between the stainless steel hopper on the Western Striker spreader or the poly hopper model on the Western Tornado. Check out the entire Western Salt Sand Hopper Spreader lineup below to compare prices, stock quantities, and in-depth specifications such as weight, length and other useful information about these Western Hopper Spreaders.

Western Hopper Salt & Sand Spreaders are sold and for sale from SnowplowsPlus including the Western Tornado spreader and the Western Striker spreader. Western Hopper spreaders are perfect for commercial use and will fit perfectly in the back of your 3/4 ton, 1 ton, or flat bed truck with ease. Compare between the two Western Hopper spreader series to see differences between the two including Western Spreader prices, weights and dimensions, spreading material, and much more. We have all the information you could ever need to confidently select and choose your new Western Hopper Salt Spreader.

Western Striker Hopper Spreader

Western Striker Hopper Spreader (2)

Western Striker Hopper Spreaders for sale from SnowplowsPlus and ready to ship to your door. The Western Striker spreader is a stainless steel heavy-duty municipal sized salt spreader for commercial and residential use. Fits securely in your truck bed and holds enough deicing material to cover you for hours of laying salt. Trust the power of a Western and know that when you buy new you also get the Western protection warranty of 2 year parts and labor. Checkout in depth information about each variation of the Western Striker spreader including prices, weight, dimensions, hopper capacity and more
Western Tornado Hopper Spreader

Western Tornado Hopper Spreader (2)

Western Tornado Hopper Spreader for sale at the lowest prices around. The Western Tornado spreader is a poly hopper spreader which is a perfect addition to any snow removal and ice management business who wants to take their game to the next level. This durable and efficient high performance spreader is one of the best hopper spreaders on the market. Check out why the Western Tornado Spreader is the perfect salt spreader for you and see all the specifications in one spot such as pricing, dimensions, spreading material, overall construction material information and more.