Western Tornado Hopper Spreader

Western Tornado Hopper Spreader Packages

The Western Tornado Hopper Spreader is for the advanced contractor grade professionals in the ice management industry. Advanced Ice control rather than ice management is what you get with the Western Tornado. Quite simply, the Tornado is indestructible and unstoppable when it comes to melting ice. This one-piece poly constructed hopper is built to last for many years. The innovative design features are constructed for maximum performance allowing you to complete your ice control jobs even faster. The Western Tornado Hopper Spreader is available in three different sizes ranging from a 7'0" model to a 2.5 cubic foot model. Start spreading your salt and sand today with a Western Tornado.Don't forget to check out the WIRELESS technology for Western Tornado Spreaders only found on SnowplowsPlus! Cut the cords and get a wireless remote for your Western Tornado today!

Western Tornado Hopper Spreader for sale at the lowest prices around. The Western Tornado spreader is a poly hopper spreader which is a perfect addition to any snow removal and ice management business who wants to take their game to the next level. This durable and efficient high performance spreader is one of the best hopper spreaders on the market. Check out why the Western Tornado Spreader is the perfect salt spreader for you and see all the specifications in one spot such as pricing, dimensions, spreading material, overall construction material information and more.

Western Products, manufacturer of WESTERN snow removal and ice control equipment, recently launched its all-new pre-wet system for the Western Striker stainless steel and Western Tornado poly hopper spreaders. Each system features a corrosion-resistant protected enclosure for pump, electronics and valves and is available with 25- and 50-gallon poly tank capacities for Striker models and 25-gallon poly tank capacities for Tornado models.
**EXPECT 2 WEEK LEAD TIME ON THIS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE** The Western Tornado Spreader is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Not only is it rugged, but its designed with heavy duty poly in a one-piece design in order to maximize overall efficiency and performance. Western ensures you get the jobs done faster allowing you to take on more accounts! For reliable, low maintenance performance, the WESTERN Tornado hopper spreader has a variety of features built to put more control at your fingertips, delivering efficient salt and sand spreading operation. The rugged, one-piece poly hopper includes overlapping lids to provide unsurpassed protection for your salt or sand load.

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