SnowEX Spreaders

SnowEx spreaders are available in a variety of different options to help you with 100% complete ice management. From truck bed spreaders and tailgate spreaders to tow-behind spreaders and drop spreaders, the possibilities are endless. The type of spreader you choose will depend on the applications you will be providing ice management to. For example, if you are a business owner with many large parking lot accounts, one of the V-Maxx truck bed spreaders from SnowEx are a much better option for that amount of work compared to a tailgate salt spreader. Click below to help narrow down your SnowEx spreader options and help pin point the perfect match. When you buy your new SnowEx spreader from, you are not only getting your spreader faster than anywhere else, but you can take advantage of our wireless controllers or any SnowEx spreader, not available anywhere else.

Efficient operation is based on ease of use and precise control and that’s why SnowEx is the leader in ice control The SnowEx salt spreaders are designed to put material down exactly where you want it to go, and at the rate you want it to flow. From durable, low-maintenance poly hopper construction to optimized power and flow systems, the SnowEx complete line of hopper, tailgate, drop, and walk-behind salt spreaders deliver precise, consistent application of material every time.