Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Salt Spreader
Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Salt Spreader
Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Salt Spreader

Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Spreader

Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Salt Spreader

Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Spreader

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All Salt Spreaders by Boss are unique in their own way. The same can be said about the Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Spreader. With an exclusive swing-away spinner assembly only found on the TGS 800, Boss allows you to take this 8 Cubic Foot, 780 pound capacity salt and SAND spreader anywhere you want to go! The TGS Spreader series from BOSS is the easiest way to arm yourself against all things snow and ice. BOSS tailgate-mounted spreaders attach easily and disperse deicing materials quickly and efficiently to make your job as smooth and steady as possible. All TGS Spreaders are built heavy-duty to handle harsh conditions quickly and efficiently, because BOSS knows the faster you can RESTORE ORDER to your community, the better.

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Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Spreader – SALT SAND mix

  • Come find out why the Boss TGS Lineup of spreaders are taking the tailgate spreader and ice management market by storm! The Boss TGS 800 Tailgate spreader is a perfect addition to any snow removal and ice management business with a 8 cubic foot and 720 pound capacity hopper.
  • What stands out the most about the TGS 800 is the light weight design, coming in at 220 pounds when empty, yet holding 720 pounds of deicer. Due to this lightweight design, the TGS 800 can easily fit on all 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks alike.  The TGS 800 Spreader is the easiest way to eliminate all things snow and ice in the most efficient way without overspreading, missing areas, or clumping up in the salt spreader itself.
  • Tailgate mounted, the Boss TGS 800 spreader can be easily attached and removed.  With the Boss on the back of your truck, you can easily disperse deicing materials such as salt and sand quickly and efficiently in order to ensure the job is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • The TGS lineup of Boss tailgate spreaders are heavy duty in order to handle the harshest of conditions without a hiccup.
  • This unit is not designed for straight sand

ONLY From SnowplowsPlus, Ditch the Boss TGS 800 wires and Go WIRELESS!
  •  Like all salt spreaders, the Boss TGS 800 can be retrofitted or purchased new from SnowplowsPlus with our one of a kind Universal Salt Spreader remote allowing for not only a wireless remote control at your fingertips with a 500 foot radius, but allows you to use our wireless kit to move your spreader from truck to truck. Just wire up 2nd truck with power/ground wires going from truck battery to the back of your truck and one of our anderson plugs and away you go.
  • Shop SnowplowsPlus for all your wireless innovation and salt spreader needs including the Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Spreader!

Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Spreader Standard with BOSS POWER

With a 8 cubic foot and 780 pound hopper capacity at your fingertips, you are able to load up 15, 50 lb salt bags comfortably in this 220 pound ice management machine!

The Polyethylene hopper provides for extra strength and durability of your Boss TGS 800 from all of the harshest of elements. The internal auger with the innovative cable link agitator as well as adjustable feed gate allows for your salt to flow easily throughout the system without clumping up or losing extra in between job sites.

Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Salt Spreader
Over 10 years of Tailgate Spreaders. You can Count on Boss

With the release of the their first tailgate spreader back in 2004, Boss has continuously made improvements and adjustments to the TGS lineup by adding new models such as the TGS 800 or simply adding newer technology which has been made available to them. Simply put, you can count on a Boss TGS 800 making it through many winters in the harshest conditions. It passes the BOSS test.

View All of the Road With a Low-Profile Design
  • The Boss TGS is designed to give you the best visibility on the market when it comes to tailgate spreaders. And with the lightweight design coming in at 220 pounds when empty and 48″ in overall height, the TGS 800 will fit 3/4 and 1 ton trucks and up with no problems or alterations to the front end of the truck!
  • As you can see on the left, the Low-Profile design is more than a name. The TGS 800 sits so low on the truck that it doesn’t even pass the tailgate itself on the truck.  This doesn’t mean you don’t have ground clearance. Boss ensures that your ground clearance isn’t obstructed either. They do a great job of compacting their tailgate spreader while still enabling you to pack your Boss TGS 800 spreader with 780 pounds of salt or deicers.

Boss TGS 800 Tailgate Salt Spreader
Protect your Deicing Material in your Boss TGS 800
  • The Solid Poly Hopper Cover comes standard on all Boss TGS tailgate spreaders including the TGS800 model.
  • The design is more than a simple poly hopper. Boss put the cover through all of the tests to ensure this cover lasts longer and prevents moisture from entering the hopper all together.

Swing Away Spinner Assembly ONLY on the Boss TGS 800
  • The Boss TGS 800 has the option of the exclusive new feature of having a swing-away spinner assembly which allows for a quick removal of leftover material from the unit!
  • No more mess in between jobs. No more left over sand stuck in the spinner. Get the job done the right way the first time around with a TGS 800 swing-away spinner assembly!

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Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in
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TGS 800 w/ Slide-In Attachment, TGS 800 w/ RT3 Attachment


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