Ask The Snowman – New Technical Help Question

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Snowplow acting up? Need some installation help with plow wiring? We’ve all been there when installing a new plow mount and trying to find the “right holes” or if you need to drill or not. No more guess work. Ask the Snowman, the owner of SnowplowsPlus Dave Botz, for professional technical assistance. With over 20 years in the snow and ice industry, and hundreds if not thousands of snow plow installations of new and used trucks. Let’s just say, they don’t call him the “Snowman” for nothing.

  • The Snowman specializes in Boss Plows, Western Plows, SaltDogg, and Snowdogg equipment. Please try to keep questions relevant to the previous plow brands.
  • Submit your technical question below and the Snowman will get back with you within 24 hours.

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