DC Wireless Remote Manuals

DC Wireless Remote Manuals

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Large Snow Plow Wireless Remote Transmitter

DC Wireless Remote Manuals and Installation Help

  • Choose from the list below to find installation and troubleshooting manuals on all of our DC wireless remote controllers and DC wireless remote kits.
  • From Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows to our 2 button through 15 button DC Wireless Remote units, Control All Wireless and SnowplowsPlus are able to help you achieve any wireless goals you may have for your business or wired 12V equipment.
  • We sell Western, Boss and Salt Dogg spreaders with our wireless system installed as well  for applications related to snow removal. You may also install our kits on your existing spreader as these will work on almost any brand regardless if they are tailgate or vbox, vibrate or not. This eliminates all hard wired controllers and the control wiring and allows for you to have your own 500 foot radius, if you ever need it, DC wireless remote with a comfortable boot and easy to carry lanyard to ensure you won’t lose it.
  • Makes transferring a unit from truck to truck a breeze with the plug in play system which plugs directly into your existing 7 prong trailer plugin and fits most tailgate salt spreader including the Western 500 and Western 1000 models.
  • Our straight blade snow plow wireless control kit will work on most all straight blade snow plows including Boss, Western, Hiniker, Meyer, Blizzard, and More!  This will save you the cost of an expensive new controller and most of the wiring. Our snow plow dc wireless remote is commonly installed on older plows where many times the wiring is no longer available. For questions not answered here please email us or use our live chat.

Salt Spreader DC Wireless Remote Manuals

2 Button DC Wireless Remote Manuals


4 Button DC Wireless Remote Manuals

4DP4L0EFA wireless remote kit for dc applications

8 Button DC Wireless Remote Manuals

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