I Love it When – The Snowman’s Rant

I Love it When – The Snowman’s Rant

I Love it When – The Snowman’s Rant

I (the Snowman) love it when, after the last plowing of the season you drop your snow plow out in the weeds and don’t hook up to it again until 5 minutes before the first snow fall and call me and say it worked when I put it away.

I love it when I ask you to listen for a certain sound when I am trying to diagnose your plow problem and you tell me you cant hear anything, because your diesel engine is running.

I love it when you tell me you do not have a $2.00 test light but are trying to diagnose your plow.

I love it when you call looking for Meyer plows and I explain that we only carry Boss and Western plows that you will call again in a couple weeks asking the same question.

I love it when you call and ask “what can I do? My piece of $#@&%$ Western plow broke down and the blades on the ground and I cant get it up!!”. First of all maybe you called the wrong guy for that particular problem :).  Then I tell you to short chain it and you say whats that.

More “I love it when” Snowman’s Rant coming soon.

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