Boss Announcement: Drag Pro Module Mounting Bracket

Boss Drag Pro

Boss Announcement: Drag Pro Module Mounting Bracket

Boss Drag Pro Module Mounting Bracket

The following information is a Boss Service Bulletin announcement from Boss Snowplow Technical Support. When Boss notices any issues or suggestions from their loyal customers, their research and development department will implement and continue to improve their equipment lineup. This helps you make any changes if needed and get the most out of your plow. Below, you’ll find in depth information as it pertains to the electrical module box, and more specifically the Drag Pro Module Mounting bracket which has been released to help solve a common problem.

REGARDING: Drag Pro Electrical Module Mounting Bracket

On Boss Drag Pro plows, water accumulation on the Electrical Module box can cause loss of communication, which impacts the plow control operation. To help prevent this possibility, Boss has developed and released a new bracket to mount the Electrical Module vertically, which will help eliminate this possibility.

Boss Drag Pro Module Mounting Bracket kit RPL21898 will be provided and included on all new Drag Pro plow boxes shipping after 2/1/19. If you own a Boss Drag Pro already but purchased it before this date, feel free to contact SnowplowsPlus or your nearest Boss Plow dealer for a free mounting bracket kit with proof of plow registration.

Boss Drag Pro Back Blade Snow Plow

Boss RPL21898 Installation

Remove the Coupler Cover to access the Electrical Module. Remove the two #10 screws which hold the Module to the Plow Coupler. Retain this hardware. Place the short leg of the Mounting Bracket flat on the Coupler, with the leg facing the vehicle. Use the provided hardware to secure the Mounting Bracket to the Coupler. Mount the Electrical Module to the Mounting Bracket using the previously removed hardware. Orient the Electrical Module with the wires facing the vehicle, and the output wires towards the Hydraulic Manifold. See image to the right for proper installation.

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