BOSS Plow Owners Talk about the 2014-15 Winter Season

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BOSS Plow Owners Talk about the 2014-15 Winter Season

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While browsing through Boss’s site the other day, I came across an interesting graphic and thought my Boss Plow customers, and maybe even my Western Plow customers would find it as informative as I did.

A few of the standout statistics from the 2014-15 Winter Season are below:
  • In Alden, NY, they had a single snow storm drop 88″ of snow on them at one time. I’m all for snow and making money, but nobody likes a storm that drops 7 feet of snow at one time. But, I suppose if I had to go through that storm I’d want a fleet of Boss plows backing me up.
  • How about the most snow in the entire 2014-2015 winter season? That “record” goes to Copenhagen, NY with reports of over 300″ of snow this year alone. 300″…300″ is 25 feet of snow. Nope. More power to you Copenhagen, this Snowman would have been on the next plane out of that “winter wonderland”.
  • On average, how many times a year do you think you have to go out and salt your accounts? I’d say the majority are in the ballpark of 3-7 times per season. The most salting events this year goes to Dave of Rockford, Michigan who recorded 44 salting events this season alone. Good on Dave. That $1800-$5000 spreader paid for itself multiple times already last year alone. 44 though? Wow. Hey Dave from Rockford, Michigan…Need a new salt spreader? eh, eh?
  • Usually, most businesses would consider a plowing event one that would require you to plow all of your lots. Not just your hospitals or churches. We’re talking 2″ or more. Allan of Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia had 100 plowing events this season. I’ll have to admit, when I saw this I had to do a double take. I then thought, “Exaggerating much? I mean, that’s almost once a day”. But then I saw “Nova Scotia”….carry on good friend of the North.

Feel free to take a look at the rest of the graphics provide by Boss Plows attached to this post and remember, if you don’t have a Boss on the front of your truck, who’s really the BOSS?






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