SnowDogg Gen 2 Plow Changes Explained

SnowDogg HD75 Snow Plow HDII Gen II

SnowDogg Gen 2 Plow Changes Explained

SnowDogg HDII, EXII, TEII, and VFXII Changes

For the 2018/2019 winter season and beyond, SnowDogg has drastically changed their snow plow lineup based on feedback received from customers like you. You’ve probably heard of the SnowDogg Generation 1 (Gen 1) and Generation 2 (Gen 2) plows including the SnowDogg HDII, SnowDogg EXII, SnowDogg TEII, SnowDogg VXFII, and most recently the VMDII and MDII plows, but do you know what the updates and changes entail? Well strap in, there’s a lot of updates and improvements that SnowDogg implemented and we’ll explain them all below.

So, what’s changed for 2018/2019 and SnowDogg Gen2 plows?

  • Easier to use Prop Feet – designed for use with the updated QuickMount II system
  • New Stacking Stop – allow maximum stacking while preventing damage to the lift cylinder base
  • Improved Chain Lift – No chain clips required
  • Updated QuickMount II
  • Updated Jack Switch
  • Reinforced and improved light bar assembly
SnowDogg Gen II Snowplows by Buyers

Ok, but what’s actually different about the “Updated QuickMount II”?

The updated QuickMount II allows the lift frame height to be adjusted while the plow is off the truck.

  • The ability to raise the plow compensates for soft ground, different truck mount heights, etc. and controls how much the lift frame tilts forward – meaning easier remounting and less potential interference with truck bumper trim, air dams, etc.
  • A jack switch is located on the lift frame so the user doesn’t need to return to the truck cab to adjust plow height.
SnowDogg Part # 16013002 - VXFII Gen 2 SS V Plow Box Liftframe and Power Unit (No Blade Assembly)

Does the switch affect the hydraulics and wiring installation?

No, the switch is pre-installed into existing wiring on the plow-side and no additional hydraulics or wiring are necessary. The switch engages the Up/Down functions of the controller – so it is just a convenience for the operator so they don’t have to go back to the truck cab.

SnowDogg Part # 16160601A - Straight Blade Plow Controller Gen 2 2018 Version

Can a 2017 Generation II plow be updated to 2018 Generation II Plow?

YES – All new components on the 2018 plows are backwards compatible. For convenience two upgrade kits are available. You can just update the mechanical components with SnowDogg Part # 3039461, or you can also add the switch kit with SnowDogg Part # 3039678 or SnowDogg Part # 3039788

Upgrade Paths

  • 2017 to 2018 Generation II upgrade 3039461

    • Contains chain lift (16111408A), stacking stop (16111164), and prop kit ( 3039443)
    • This gets the plow upgraded mechanically to 2018 components. The updated QMII mount system can be used with the handheld controller. The jack switch is a convenience and is not necessary.
  • Straight Blade Switch Option Upgrade 3039678

    • Contains jack switch kit and updated controller
  • V-Plow Switch Option Upgrade 3039788

    • Contains jack switch kit and updated controller

This, and 3039461 will make a 2017 plow match the 2018 plow. It is offered separately as it’s a more expensive option and is not required to get the updated Quick Mount II functionality.


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