Boss Announcement: Introducing the Boss SNOWRATOR ZX4

Boss Announcement: Introducing the Boss SNOWRATOR ZX4

The “Orange” Snowrator images you see will change. Boss recently announced they will change all to the Boss Red along with a Boss snow plow on the front.

Sneak-Peak of the Boss "Red" SNOWRATOR

The Boss Snowrator is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one snow and ice solution. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife for snow and ice. With the Boss Snowrator you can get into those tight fit areas, such as in between cars in large parking lots or up on sidewalks and walk ways with ease. This sidewalk king can cruise up and down the sidewalks and not only push snow but also lay liquid spray brine and de-icing material along the way. Gone are the days of shoveling long sidewalks. Gone are the days of throwing salt with your hand in a bucket. Check out what the Boss Snowrator can do for you and your business.

Conquer sidewalks, driveways, and other tight areas with the ultimate sidewalk tool, the Boss SNOWRATOR ZX4. Increase your speed and efficiency with the hydraulic plow and de-icing spray system operated by a responsive hydraulic lever zero turn control for easy maneuverability. When winter strikes, strike back with the Boss Snowrator ZX4.
  • Standard 20 Gallon De-icing Spray System dispenses through 4-triple beam direct spray nozzles or a 15′ coil hose with handheld spray-wand.
  • Honda GX390 Engine reliably operates in extremely cold temperatures.
  • 48″ Hydraulic Snowplow maneuvers with ease and delivers maximum productivity in heavy snowfalls with down pressure and float mode.
  • Responsive Hydraulic Lever Zero Turn Control Operation offers ease of maneuverability with zero turn radius.

The SNOWRATOR brand has been around and successful for many years. So much so that Boss and Toro made the decision to purchase their company and the rights to the SNOWRATOR machine. Boss has since retrofit the machine to fit all of their parts, snow plow, and salt spreader accessories so you’ll be able to go to your nearest Boss dealer, or, to find all of the parts and accessories you could ever need. Check back often for updated images showing the Boss red along with the Boss snow plow blade attached. Pricing and availability should be available Summer 2019.

SNOWRATOR Features and Specs

  • Horsepower: 11.7 net HP
  • Displacement: 389 cc
  • Engine: Honda GX 390
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.4 US qt.
  • Engine Oil Type: 10W30
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.16 US qt.
  • Weight: 775 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 24.5″
  • Length: 73″
  • Width: 43″
  • Height: 51.5″
  • Turning Radius: Zero
  • Lighting: Work Light
  • Drivetrain Type: Hydrostatic
  • Drivetrain Pump: Hydro-Gear tandem, variable displacement piston type
  • Drivetrain Wheel Motors: Parker TB Series gerotor
  • Drivetrain Hydraulic Oil Filter (Suction): 25-micron replacement filter
  • Control: Hydraulic Lever Control
  • Plow Control: Hydraulic Joystick
  • Liquid System Control: Pump switch, on/off control valve, pressure regulating valve
  • Throttle: Lever on dash
  • Speeds: Forward 7 mph | Reverse 5 mph
  • Blade Type: Straight-Blade
  • Blade Material: 14 gauge steel
  • Cutting Edge: 5/16″ Thick, reversable
  • Tripping Mechanism: Full molboard trip
  • Blade Control: Lift, lower, angle left, angle right
  • Plow Operation: Down-pressure or float
  • Deicing Liquid Capacity: 20 gal + Optional 20 gal auxiliary tank
  • Deicing Spraying Volume: 5 GPM direct-drive diaphragm pump
  • Deicing Speed Control: On/off switch for the pump
  • Deicing Flow Control: On/off control valve, Pressure adjustment on the control panel
  • Deicing Nozzles: Triple-beam nozzles (qtz 4)
  • Deicing Spray Wand: Standard
  • Deicing Tank: One-piece rotomolded
  • Frame: Stainless steel
  • Tires: 18 x 8.50 x 10 | All terrain
  • Wiring Harness: Loomed, sealed connectors
  • Battery: 350 CCA at 0 degrees fahrenheit
  • Voltage: 12v DC
  • Fuse: 100A main fuse, individual accessory fuses

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