Western Announcement: New UTV Mount Kit Available for Mahindra and Intimidator

Western Announcement: New UTV Mount Kit Available for Mahindra and Intimidator

Western UTV Impact Snow Plows For Sale

Western has announced the release of an additional vehicle mount for their Western Impact UTV V-Plow and Straight Blade snow plow applications. Now available is the Western Part # 35155 Mount Kit designed specifically for the Mahindra mPact/Retriever 1000, 750 and Intimidator Classic/Crew Series and fits model years 2017-Up. The mount kit is available now from SnowplowsPlus.com and in store in Waverly, Mn.

If you own a newer Mahindra mPact/Retriever or Intimidator Classic UTV, you can now buy a new mount kit which has been specifically made to match up to the form of the under-side of your UTV frame which allows for a quick and easy installation. If Western doesn’t make a mount specifically for your UTV, that means either one of two things. #1, Western’s tested their Western Impact UTV plows on your UTV already in their research and development department and have deemed that the plow is either two heavy and will ruin your UTV, or the plow is simply too large to fit on your UTV itself. It’s never a good idea to “fab” one to fit due to this reason. You could go through all of the hard work and money to “make” a mount for your UTV and in the end it could ruin your UTV transmission and you’ll be out even more money in repairs.

Luckily, now with the Western Part # 35155 mount kit, you can install the kit to the under-side of your UTV frame once and leave it for the entire season, or year round if you want. The mount kit itself includes all nuts, bolts, washers, frame parts and all hardware needed to install the new mount to your UTV. If you have a winch on the front of your UTV, you’ll more often than not need to remove that before installing your plow due to clearance issues between the two. Other than that, the mount will bolt right up for a seamless installation and secure hold for you to drive into your plow frame with your UTV plow receivers “shoes” and start moving snow.

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