Boss Announcement: Introduction to the Boss Spreader Back-Up Camera

Boss Announcement: Introduction to the Boss Spreader Back-Up Camera

BOSS Snowplow is pleased to introduce a new BACK-UP CAMERA specific to our Ice Control Accessories lineup. This DOT approved tailgate replacement camera provides a 150°viewing angle, with infra-red lights, that allows for 50 feet of vision at night. The camera also includes a built-in microphone that communicates with a speaker in the cab-mounted screen. The camera has a 20G vibration rating, and an IP68 waterproof rating. The 7” LCD color monitor with back-lit buttons provides crisp visibility and easy to find functions.

Spreader Back-up Camera

This camera is 100% FMVSS 111 Compliant

The camera is available to order now from SnowplowsPlus and will not only help you get FMVSS 111 compliant but will help promote safety while laying salt and moving snow.

FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) 111

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed new regulations that require all vehicles under 10,000 lb GVWR to comply with specific rearward Field of View (FOV) requirements. The FOV requirements can only be met through the use of a rear-view camera. Thus, all new vehicles produced after May 1, 2018 will include such a rear-view camera from the OEM.

FMVSS 111 was traditionally a visibility standard for rear-view mirrors on all motor vehicles. As a result of NHTSA’s recent ruling, FMVSS 111 has been updated to include additional rules regarding backup cameras. Specifically, vehicle upfitters must maintain FMVSS compliance when modifying a previously certified vehicle or ensure FMVSS compliance if they are certifying the vehicle before initial sale.

New FMVSS 111 requirements do not extend to vehicles over 10,000 lb GVWR, or to vehicles with temporarily installed equipment, such as receiver-mounted spreaders or V-box spreaders that are strapped in place (not permanently mounted). However, vehicles under 10,000 lb GVWR, equipped with spreaders not temporarily mounted, may require an auxiliary backup camera in order to comply with FMVSS 111.

With that in mind, BOSS is proud to offer our Back-up Camera Kit – MSC21970 to assist upfitters with FMVSS 111 compliance. The BOSS camera kit will meet FMVSS 111 requirements when installed on our equipment according to the instructions.

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