Boss Announces Changes to VBX Spreaders – New Module Box, Spreader Side Harness and Controller Display

Boss VBX Hopper Salt Spreaders

Boss Announces Changes to VBX Spreaders – New Module Box, Spreader Side Harness and Controller Display

Boss Announces Changes to VBX Spreaders – New Module Box, Spreader Side Harness and Controller Display

REGARDING: New Module, Spreader Side Harness and Display Controller for VBX 6500/8000/9000 Spreaders.

  • When the VBX6500, VBX8000 and VBX9000 were changed to ‘B’ revisions, making them compatible with the optional Pre-Wet System, three components were revised and given new part numbers.
  • Note: ‘B’ Revision spreaders are designated on the Serial Number Decal. The Serial Number Decal
    will denote a ‘B’ at the end of the Part Number, example VBS15150B.

Power Control Module – MSC17870

  • The original Power Control Module, MSC17830, will be obsoleted and replaced by the new MSC17870-Power Control Module, Spreader 17+. This new module was added to all ‘B’ revision VBX spreaders making them compatible with the optional Pre-Wet System. Changes to the module include:
    • An additional 4-pin connector was added to the Power Control Module. This is used when adding the optional Pre-Wet system.
    • The 16-wire connector was changed to a Molex header-style connector improve corrosion resistance.
    • The plastic Stand Off has been eliminated. The new MSC17870 Power Control Module bolts directly to the spreader frame.

NOTE: The new Power Control Module, MSC17870, will retrofit to the earlier version VBX spreaders, but a new spreader side harness, VBS17880, will be required. The new Power Control Module and New Spreader Side harness will work with the original MSC17827 Display Controller.

Spreader Side Harness – VBS17880

  • The new VBS17880-Spreader Side Harness, 17+ was added to all ‘B’ revision VBX spreaders to interface with the new MSC17870 Power Control Module. Changes to the harness include:
    • The 16-pin connector is changed to a Molex style plug to improve corrosion resistance.

NOTE: The previous Spreader Side harness, VBS14282, will still be available for ‘A’ Revision VBX spreaders.

  • Models Affected: VBX 6500/8000/9000
  • New Spreader Side Harness, 17+: VBS17880

Display Controller – MSC17890

  • The original Display Controller, MSC17827, will be obsoleted and replaced with the new MSC17890 Display Controller, Pre-Wet Ready. This new display controller will be added to all ‘B’ revision spreader control kits and will retrofit to all earlier VBX spreaders with no additional changes. The new controller includes several new features outlined below:
    • Sleep Mode – Controller will power up at Key On for 3 seconds to indicate power to the controller, then enter Sleep Mode. To exit Sleep Mode and wake the LCD Screen, press any of the 6 Soft Touch buttons. To return the controller to Sleep Mode, press and hold the Start/Stop button. (Note: Controller retains previous settings when cycled on and off)
    • Pre-Wet – When the Display Controller is hooked up to a VBX Spreader equipped with the Pre-Wet system, the controller will automatically recognize Pre-Wet and a symbol will appear in the lower center portion of the LCD Display indicating Pre-Wet is installed and ready (See Figure 1). Follow the instructions included in the Pre-Wet installation manual for operation instructions.
  • Dump Select Screen – Dump Select Screen allows the user to select between 3 different options; Solid Dump (dumping of solid material from hopper only), Liquid Dump (dumping of Pre-Wet brine only), or Solid/Liquid Dump (combination of solid material and liquid brine dump). Once selection is made, the Dump Switch at the rear of the spreader will reflect the onscreen selection.
  • Blast Function – Previously, the Blast function would run the Spinner and Feeder at level 10 for 3 seconds. MSC17890 Controllers will now run the Blast function for the duration of the button press.

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