New Boss Plow Equipment Components and Accessories Updates

Boss D Force Snow Plow Controller

New Boss Plow Equipment Components and Accessories Updates

BOSS Snowplow is pleased to introduce 3 new additions to our Truck Equipment Lineup – D‐Force, Back Drag Edges and Stainless Steel Wing extensions for the DXT plow.  D‐Force plow boxes and Back Drag Edges were previously announced and available during the 2017 Pre‐Season and the Stainless Steel DXT Wing Extensions will be available soon.

Product information is below:


  • Maintains consistent down force to improve scraping performance.
  • Utilizes a hydraulic accumulator to ensure blade does not lose down force if an obstacle is encountered.
    • STB15035 Plow Box, D‐Force, HTX
    • STB15025 Plow Box, D‐Force, Super
  • Requires specific D‐Force Handheld Controller
  • The D‐Force plow box is Optional on new 2017 truck plow straight‐blade models. (Excludes EXT, Heavy‐Duty, and Trip‐Edge plows).
  • The D‐force components will not be sold in a retro fit kit as they are not compatible with pre‐2017 plow couplers.

Back Drag Edge

Boss Snow Plow Back Drag Parts

Stainless Steel Wing Extensions ‐ DXT

  • Increasing your DXT blade width by a full 22” at 30 degree angle, these convenient plow wings easily attach/detach and will help cut your plowing time.
    • MSC08110  Kit‐SS DXT Blade Wing Extension
  • Recommended for 8’2” Stainless Steel DXT blades only.  Due to weight, it is not recommended that these be installed on 9’2” Stainless Steel DXT blades.

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