Boss Heavy Duty Plow – 10′ Municipal Snow Plow

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Boss Heavy Duty Plow – 10′ Municipal Snow Plow

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Boss Heavy Duty Plow – Heavy Duty Plows For Heavy Duty Jobs

  • Coming in at an astonishing 120″ in overall blade width, the Boss Heavy Duty Plow is a straight blade plow designed to allow maximum efficiency and strength to tackle the largest jobs.
  • The 7 gauge steel blade provides strength that can’t be matched elsewhere, not to mention 8 vertical reinforcement ribs on the back of the plow. This bad boy comes in at 1,205 pounds without the plow mount. It’s safe to say the Boss Heavy Duty Plow is for larger trucks that are looking to tackle snow removal at large parking lots, airports, or even city roads!

Boss Heavy Duty Plow – Standard with Trip Technology

  • From time to time when plowing you may encounter a hidden obstacle or two. Who are we kidding, this happens every event it seems like. Well, with the Boss Heavy Duty Plow you don’t have to worry about damaging your plow or your truck due to the innovative full moldboard trip design.
  • The entire blade on the Boss Heavy Duty plow trips forward if an obstacle is struck, which allows the plow to fluidly and effortlessly maneuver over the obstacle without damage done to your truck or your plow. Nothing stands in the way of a BOSS.
  • Due to the extra large size of the Boss Heavy Duty Plow, as well as the thick steel and frame of the plow combining for 1200 pounds, Boss redesigned the push frame and quadrant of the Heavy Duty Plow.
  • The redesign allows for additional strength where its needed most on the plow, at the quadrant. Boss did their research and developed the Boss Heavy Duty Plow in a way that evens the load on the plow and distributes it evenly, allowing for the plow to have an even cut without the possibility of stuttering or jumping when the blade is on the ground.

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