Snowplow Sales Trends for 2015/2016 Preseason

Snowplow Sales Trends for 2015/2016 Preseason

It seems SnowplowsPlus customers are getting ready to gear up for another strong winter in 2015/2016 season.  Boss and Western Plow parts as well as new plows and spreaders from both companies have been installed on many trucks and even a few ATVs and UTVs already this season at the Snowplows Plus Shop in Waverly, Mn.

Following the same trend from last season, Western Wide-out Plows and Western 500 tailgate spreaders have been the leading sellers overall, with the Western straight blade plows and Boss DXT V-plows pretty much 1A and 1B in overall sales trends among other snow removal companies.


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Western Model 500 Tailgate Salt Spreadere

Also seeing a trend of more and more of those same businesses going with wireless salt spreaders and wireless spreader controllers on all of their units due to the ability to transfer spreaders from truck to truck (while having positive and negative to truck battery) without having to drill into the firewall of the vehicle or into the dash.

Western Wideout Snow Plow -
Western Wideout Snow Plow –

Overall, we have been seeing a heavy trend of more snow removal outfits around the area moving towards a complete snow removal and ice management business to offer the total package to customers and compete in their territory.  But I guess that makes sense. As a customer, would you want to buy one plow part at one website and another plow part on a different website for 10% more, only because the first website didn’t offer that part?

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