Western Snow Plow Fluid and Filters should be purchased ahead of time, just like changing “oil” on your car. But in this case, your Western snow plow already takes a beating each year which can result in more repairs along the way if not properly maintained year round. All it takes is for one of your Western snow plow hoses to get cut, or a hydraulic plow fitting to come loose, and you will empty your Western plow reservoir within minutes. Each Western snow plow takes 3 quarts of plow hydraulic fluid if you are looking to flush your hydraulic system. Buy from SnowplowsPlus to get the lowest prices and largest selection of in stock replacement Western Plow Filters and Fluid Oil for your Western snow plow hydraulic system. The Western snow plow fluid shown below can actually work in all snow plows, regardless of the brand. If you’d like a universal option that may save you a few bucks, check our SnowplowsPlus snow plow fluid below.