Boss ATV Straight Blade Snow Plow
Boss ATV Plow
Boss ATV Plow

Boss ATV Straight Blade Snow Plows 4’0″ and 5’0″

Boss ATV Straight Blade Snow Plow

Boss ATV Straight Blade Snow Plows 4’0″ and 5’0″

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Designed for the contractor, but appreciated by the homeowner. The Boss ATV Plow tackles small spaces like sidewalks and trails. The Boss ATV plow is built with all the features and capabilities you would expect from a Boss plow. The winches and pulleys found on other ATV plows just can’t compete with the speed and efficiency of Boss’s fully hydraulic Boss Atv snowplow.



Boss ATV Plow

Boss ATV Plows come as straight blade plows in the following sizes:

  • 4′ Poly Straight Blade
  • 5′ Poly Straight Blade

Fully Hydraulic Plow

  • With Boss ATV Plows, say goodbye to the winch system and say hello to your new fully hydraulic ATV plow.  Enjoy a full 30 degrees of hydraulic lifting height and 30 degrees of power angling for maximum blade lift and higher snow stacking.  The enclosed hydraulic system delivers speed, reliability and overall performance.

Ground Clearance

  • Not only does the Boss ATV Plow have a low-profile undercarriage which is both rugged and tough, Boss also maintained a minimal decrease in ground clearance.  That means when your Boss ATV Plow is not attached, your ATV will remain trail compatible.

Switch Box Controller

  • Easy to mount and conveniently accessible on the handle bar, the Boss ATV Plow controller is simple and easy to use.  Enjoy the robust, ergonomic button design for maximum comfort while plowing.

THE BOSS Snowplow unveils a new fully hydraulic plow for ATV use giving the popular recreational vehicle the capability to multi-task for quick and easy snow removal. This new product introduction complements the full lineup of UTV plows currently available expanding THE BOSS product line deeper into the off-road market.

“Demand for our small but powerful snowplows continues to grow. This new Boss ATV Plow offers the same rugged BOSS features and quality enhancements found in our full-size models,” said Mark Klossner, marketing director for THE BOSS Snowplow. “For homeowners and ATV enthusiasts, that means they can make maximum use of their vehicle when not on the trail.”

Along with the durability, toughness and reliability you expect from BOSS full-size plows, ATV plows feature exceptional maneuverability for hard-to-reach places and tough terrain. The fully hydraulic system delivers maximum efficiency with no winches, chains or pulleys. Available in both straight-blade and V-plow options, BOSS ATV plows offer easy to use controls to help you RESTORE ORDER in tough winter conditions.

  • High-Blade Lift with 30 degree lift height made for superior snow-stacking.
  • Exceptional Ground Clearance low profile undercarriage design will allow your unit to remain trail compatible when the plow is not attached.
  • Fully Hydraulic ATV Plow increase speed and efficiency with the high-performance hydraulic package.
  • Handlebar Controller easy to mount and conveniently accessible on the handle bar of the ATV.

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Additional information

Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in
Plow Size

4'0", 5'0"

Plow Material

Poly, Poly


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