WB-100B Walk-Behind Spreader

WB100B Walk Behind Broadcast Salt Spreader

WB-100B Walk-Behind Spreader

WB100B Walk Behind Broadcast Salt Spreader

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Western WB100B Walk Behind Broadcast Salt Spreader

With the Western WB-100B broadcast salt spreader, you can get to those hard to reach places such as patios or sidewalks to ensure your customers are met with exceeded expectations. The WB-100B walk behind broadcast spreader provides salt spreading of up to 15′ away from the spreader to help get the job done efficiently and quickly.

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Western WB100B Walk Behind Broadcast Salt Spreader

The Western WB100B walk behind broadcast salt spreader delivers professional, hassle-free performance. Constructed of sturdy, corrosion-free polyethylene, the broadcast spreader can handle most ice-melt materials. With pneumatic tires and a powder coated steel frame, these Western WB-100B spreaders are built to stand up to the demands of commercial use.

WB-100B Walk-Behind Spreader

Western WB-100B Spreader Covers

Each Western WB-100B walk-behind spreader comes standard with a clear cover that keeps de-icing material dry and allows you to see how much is left in the hopper. This also helps to protect from FOD entering the hopper or additional ice building up on the inside of the hopper from the falling snow or sleet.

Western WB-100B Corrosion Free

The WB-100B Walk-Behind spreader models feature corrosion-free polyethylene hoppers for long-lasting durability.

Western WB-100B Spreader Delivery

On the WB-100B broadcast spreader, material is delivered to the spinner through a single, adjustable slot.

Western WB-100B Spreader Spinner

The Western WB-100B broadcast spreader features a 10″ molded spinner that delivers a spread pattern of up to 20′.

Western WB-100B Top Screen

Both the WB-100B broadcast spreader and the WB-160D drop spreader feature a top screen to help break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process and prevent clogging.

Western WB-100B Pneumatic Tires

Western WB-100B Deflector Kit (SOLD SEPARATELY)

The optional poly deflector kit for the WESTERN WB-100B walk-behind broadcast spreader will help you and your crews keep salt and ice melt out of lawns and flower beds. The deflector gives you directional control over the spread pattern, to keep ice control product where you want it.

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