Western Impact UTV V-Plow Snowplow

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Western Impact UTV V-Plow Snowplow


Don’t have a Plow truck? Don’t worry. Now you can make that BIG Impact with the Western Impact UTV V-Plow. This professional-grade snowplow is a high quality build, designed to help you get the most out of your UTV all year round.

Built with  the same high quality as Western Truck Plows, this tough yet compact snow plow easily adjusts to pass through gates and clear 5′ sidewalks with one pass. Suited for a wide variety of makes an models, the Western Impact UTV V-Plow allows you to get the job done faster and more professionally than ever.

Why let your UTV sit in the garage in the winter? Put it to use year-round as the investment that it truly is with the Western Impact UTV V-Plow. Unlike most UTV V-Plows on the market today, the Western Impact V-Plow allows to drive and clear standard sidewalks without tearing up the grass. Perfect size with double-acting cylinders, trip-edge protection and easy-to-use controls, you will wish winter lasted all year.

Western UTV V-Plow control Options

Designed specifically for UTVs, this hand-held control allows the blade to be raised, lowered, angled or retracted with the push of a button. A joystick control is also available for easy blade control operation when wearing gloves.


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