SaltDogg Anti-Ice Liquid Spreader Parts

Find any SaltDogg Anti-Ice Liquid Spreader Parts you could ever need for any of the 12 different Anti-Ice systems offered by SaltDogg by Buyers. If you already own an Anti-Ice liquid spreader system, you know how it enhances the performance of your salt spreader by adding a liquid ice-melting agent to the salt prior to application. The liquid helps salt stick to surfaces and can melt ice at lower temperatures than salt alone.The pre-wet kit comes with a 30 gal polymer reservoir specially designed to fit next to your SaltDogg SHPE1500 or SHPE2000 spreader. The corrosion-resistant poly is held in place by included stainless steel brackets and tie downs. Each kit also includes a pressure sensor to indicate a filter clog or low tank level. Find parts for that pre-wet kit, or shop directly for your Gas-Powered anti-ice system, electric anti-ice system, PVC spray bar, three-way loading valve, and everything in between. When you shop SnowplowsPlus, you not only are shopping the complete catalog of SaltDogg anti-ice liquid spreader parts, but you’ll get the parts you order from us faster than anywhere else.