SaltDogg Replacement Tailgate Spreader Parts are parts for the spreaders which are installed on the back of your dump body trucks as a replacement to your tailgate itself. These parts are not for the tailgate spreaders which slide into your trailer hitch, but instead the actual replacement tailgate units. Buyers Products SaltDogg Electric Replacement Tailgate Spreader is designed to install in place of the tailgate of 1 ton dump bodies. It is easy to mount and dismount and is ideal for dump bodies with low ground clearance. The spreader can handle bulk salt or a 50/50 salt/sand mix.

Below you can select your specific SaltDogg replacement tailgate spreader to be shown the complete parts list makeup of your model spreader. All parts are 100% OEM from SaltDogg and range from the spinner assembly to the frame of your replacement tailgate spreader itself, right down to the nuts and bolts which hold it all together.