SnowEx HDV Hydraulic & Electrical Parts are found below and are specific to the HDV plow by SnowEx. You’ll find HPU parts for your SnowEx HDV plow below as well as replacement o rings, hydraulic hoses, isolation module parts, wiring harnesses and much more. The hydraulic and electrical components on your plow contain the most amount of parts in total. Since they are hydraulic and electrical related, even the smallest part that goes bad can cause complete havoc on your overall operation of the plow. If you have a leaky 0 ring on your hydraulic reservoir unit, hazardous material or air could enter your hydraulic system and not only cause your plow to bounce but could ruin your entire hydraulic system. The same can also apply to your electrical system. While the adverse impact on the hydraulic system that can be caused by a minor repair gone unnoticed isn’t as noticeable on the electrical system, when your electrical system has an issue 9/10 it’s noticeable right away and right in front of your face. Whether that be an issue with your plow controller, plow lights, or any other electrical component found on the SnowEx HDV Plow, you can bet SnowplowsPlus has you covered.