SnowEx HDV Lighting Parts not only allow you to see at night, but also ensure you are street legal when driving down the road. If you plow lights don’t automatically switch over anymore and you are choosing to just use your truck lights instead, you are waiting to get pulled over and face a hefty fine. Make sure your HDV plow lights are properly aimed and adjusted, and there are no bulbs burnt out. If you ever run into issues with lighting, start by checking your wiring harnesses to ensure there aren’t any frays or cuts in the wires. If those look fine, check out our bulbs below. You can replace everything from the headlight bulbs and headlamp lenses to the screws and headlight cover casing. We carry the entire makeup of the lighting component from top to bottom so if you can’t find a part, feel free to reach out via live chat and we’ll help you out right away.