mvp3 V Plow Western MVP3 Snow Plow
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western stainless mvp3
mvp3 steel
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mvp3 stainless
mvp3 stainless steel v plow
western stainless mvp3
western stainless steel v plow
mvp 3 stainless steel v plow
mvp 3 stainless v plow
mvp3 stainless steel v plow
mvp3 v plow
western mvp 3 stainless steel v plow
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western mvp3 stainless
western stainless steel v plow

Western MVP3 Snow Plow V Plow

mvp3 V Plow Western MVP3 Snow Plow

Western MVP3 Snow Plow V Plow

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The Western MVP3 provides a whole new slant in V-plow performance and durability.  From the flared blade design and the standard UltraLock double-acting cylinders, to the patented trip edge design, the MVP3 provides all the performance features you need for unmatched V-plow productivity. The MVP3 v-plow is available in 14-gauge powder coated and stainless steel in 7′ 6″, 8′ 6″, and 9′ 6″ widths. It is also available in 1/4″ high-density polyethylene in 8′ 6″ and 9′ 6″ widths. All MVP3 models feature a clean-scraping 70-degree attack angle, and come with a standard high carbon steel cutting edge to reduce wear and extend the life of the blade. When you buy your new Western MVP3 Snow Plow from SnowplowsPlus, you get a brand new mount specifically for your make/model/year of vehicle, all new wiring, and the plow controller. You’ll have everything you need to strap the MVP3 to the front of your truck and start clearing snow!



Western MVP3 Snow Plows

Western MVP3 V-Plow by Western Plows

The Western MVP3 snowplow provides you with a whole new advantage when it comes to clearing that wet snow.  Performance, durability and reliability that you can count on from Western MVP3.  The flared blade design along with the UltraLock double-acting cylinders allows for your plow to take the brunt of the storm head on.

The Western MVP3 Provides all of the necessary performance (and then some) features you need for an unmatched efficiency and overall productivity from a v-plow. Each blade features independent trip-edge design with heavy-duty coil springs for protection when encountering bumps and obstacles. Whether in V, scoop, or straight blade configuration, the trip edge helps protect the plow, the truck, and the operator. Since only the edge trips, snow remains in front of the blade, so you can keep going without spilling the entire load of snow.

Western MVP3 Flared Winged V-Plow

Western MVP3 V-plow blades soar from a 31” center height up to 39” at the outer edge on the 9’ 6” models. So whether you’re busting through the big drifts, carrying and stacking, or windrowing wide areas, these wings give you all the carrying capacity and snow rolling performance you need to get the job done fast.

Western MVP3 V-Plow – Introducing Stainless Steel

The WESTERN MVP3 is now available in 14-gauge stainless steel, for low maintenance corrosion-resistant performance. With V-plow blades that soar from a 31” center height up to 39” at the outer edge on 9’ 6” models, you can cut through the big drifts, carry more snow, and get the job done fast. The Western MVP3 in stainless is as hard working as it is sharp-looking.

Western MVP3 Reinforced V-Plow Blade Structure

The Western MVP3 provides the proven structural features that separate a WESTERN V-plow from the rest, and so much more.

  • Eight Vertical Ribs | On the 8’ 6” and 9’ 6” models, and six on the 7’ 6” models
  • Enhanced Center Hinge | With three connection points for added strength
  • Larger Center Hinge Pin | 1¼“ diameter heat-treated steel for more durability
  • Bigger Lift Ram | 1¾“ diameter cylinder for more lifting power
  • Power Bar | Provides added reinforcement across the entire back of blade for increased structural rigidity
  • Improved T-Frame Design | For additional strength

Western MVP3 Steel Cover for Center Hinge
  • The steel top center gap cover and formed cutting edges reduce snow leakage in all blade positions.
  • By adding the optional 18″ plow deflector, the snow will blow around the truck and nowhere near your truck windshield.
  • Don’t get blinded by snow ever again and keep your eyes fixated on the snow disappearing from the road in front of you with the newest V-Plow from Western, the MVP3.

Western Fleet Flex Electrical System

The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides true fleet interchangeability among current UltraMount and UltraMount2 mounted snow plows. The same handheld or joystick control operates the Western MVP3 plow along with the following WESTERN snow plows:

  • MVP3
  • HTS

Features include:

  • Programmable “soft-stop” and “one-touch” float
  • Simple wiring and easier installation

Additional information

Weight 1022 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in
Plow Size

7.6 ft, 8.6 ft, 9.6 ft, 10.6 ft

Plow Material

Steel, Poly, Stainless


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