Boss Announcement: New Accessory for the UTV Plow Line

Boss Announcement: New Accessory for the UTV Plow Line

New Boss UTV Plow Accessory: UTV Front Hitch Kit

Boss Snowplow is pleased to announce a new accessory for the UTV plow equipment lineup: the UTV Front Hitch Kit. This new hitch kit has been designed for use on specific full siezed UTVs where Boss’ RT3 undercarriage mount kit may block the existing manufacturer’s receiver hitch. When installed, this hitch does not block or interfere with attachment of the plow, UTV, or mount itself.

Gone are the days of being told that your front hitch would need to be removed in order to get a Boss plow on the front of your UTV. Well, sort of. But Boss listens to their customers and now has a solution for you in the form of an attachment front hitch which is installed directly to your Boss UTV plow mount undercarriage. There are certain brands and models of UTVs out there which will require you to remove the OEM factory front hitch, which was a hard pill to swallow for some. But now with the option of a Boss front hitch kit, you’ll have that front hitch option back for use when your plow is disconnected from your undercarriage.

UTV Front Hitch Kit Part Number

The Boss Front Hitch attachment for your Boss UTV plow includes the front hitch and hardware needed to install to the frame of your UTV undercarriage plow mount.

  • Boss Part # MSC14160 – UTV Plow Pushbeam Front Hitch Attachment Accessory

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