Boss Announcement: New ATV/UTV Plow Undercarriages

Boss Announcement: New ATV/UTV Plow Undercarriages

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Throughout the year, Boss is constantly testing new products and mount kits for trucks ATVs and UTVs in order to provide you with the most options on the market to move snow. Boss Snowplow is pleased to introduce 4 new Undercarriages to accommodate applications within the ATV/UTV Equipment category. The 4 new mount undercarriage kits include the brackets, bolts, nuts, washers and the rest of the hardware needed to install to the specific ATV/UTV outlined below. All are available to buy from SnowplowsPlus by following the link below.


As always, whenever Boss releases new mount undercarriage kits, or any new products, we’ll be the first to let you know about them and offer them for sale. If there’s a mount available for your specific vehicle, that means Boss’s research and development team has thoroughly tested their snow plows with your vehicle and have verified that your vehicle can “handle” the plow along with the overall wear and tear. If you don’t see a mount available for your vehicle on our site, feel free to reach out and we can double check, but more often than not it means Boss has tested your vehicle and it didn’t pass their tests. It’s not advised to fabricate one to fit your vehicle as their is a good chance it could ruin your vehicle’s transmission or motor, let alone the frame.

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