Western HTS Plow Information – 1/2 Ton Snowplow Review

Western HTS Plow Information – 1/2 Ton Snowplow Review

Western HTS Snow Plows!

Nobody likes to have to shovel, anytime. Nobody likes to get out of their truck to have to finish a job in a tight squeezed area with a snow blower either. At the end of the day, we want to remove the snow in front of us with as little physical exertion as possible.

Well, now your smaller 1/2 ton pickup truck can take over for almost half the price as a full size Western plow. The Western HTS may be small, but don’t let that fool you. The HTS still has the Western Plow strength, efficiency and overall durability that you have become accustomed to from Western Plows. Add this light weight Western HTS plow to your current snow plow arsenal today from SnowplowsPlus!

  • The HTS is equipped with a strength that can’t be matched at it’s size. The 14 gauge steel moldboard stands at an impressive 27″ tall and 7 1/2′ wide in order to give your half ton pickup more than enough plowing capacity to still be a efficient plowing machine.
  • The steel moldboard is 5/16″ thick while the carbon steel cutting edge is 6″ tall to provide for an extra long wear.
  • All of the above seems like the plow weighs a ton. Coming in at approximately 412 lbs, the Western HTS snow plow is lightweight with proof of power and strength!
  • Manufactured with six vertical ribs and a Western Power Bar, the Western HTS Plow has snowplow reinforcement that can’t be matched.  The overall strength at the core of the plow blade is the actual center point of the blade which is the torsional strength point where you want the snow to hit. Years of design and research have gone into maximizing the overall load of the Western HTS and 1/2 ton pickup trucks.

    The HTS comes with a two-spring trip system which protects the blade, snowplow and truck from the force of striking any obstacles in your way. The trip pads reduce excessive bounce on the blade while softening the return of the blade when tripping occurs.

    • Advanced snow plow light and electrical system features solid electrical pins in the harness plugs for trouble free connections.
    • Under-hood module improves system life and complies with OEM requirements.
    • No toggle switch needed to change from vehicle to plow lights.
      Western HTS Snow Plow Specifications Western HTS Western HTS Snow Plow Western HTS Snow Plow Specifications

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