Western Plow New Vehicle Application – Nissan Titan 2016-2018 Vehicles

Nissan Titan 2016, 2017, 2018 Western Snow Plow Packages

Western Plow New Vehicle Application – Nissan Titan 2016-2018 Vehicles

Western Plow New Vehicle Application – Nissan Titan 2016-2018 Vehicles

  • Now, if you own a Nissan Titan, between the years 2016-2018, you can buy a new mount undercarriage kit and headlight adapter wiring harness directly from SnowplowsPlus or your favorite Western Snow Plow Dealer.

NOTE: Please be aware that 2018 model year Nissan Titan trucks are available with either LED or halogen lighting types; at this time Western is only able to offer the halogen lighting harness for this vehicle application.

This new mount application will allow for installation of the Western Defender and Western Suburbanite snow plows.

  • Western just announced that they have finalized all testing and configuration on the Nissan Titan vehicle lineup from 2016-2018 and have manufactured specific mount and undercarriage bracket kits as well as the plug-in harness for the vehicle headlights and plow to work as they should. Specifically, Western Plow Part # 35063 is the Nissan Titan 2016-2018 Undercarriage Mount Kit, complete with all brackets and hardware parts needed to bolt up to the Titan frame and finish your plow installation. The headlight harness kit, Western Part # 83900, is the entire lighting wiring harness kit you’d need to allow your Nissan Titan truck lights to flip to the plow and then back to the truck when the plow is installed and uninstalled after use each day.
  • This new application for the Nissan Titan 2016-2018 will require the installation of an HB3/H11 headlamp harness wiring kit, Western Part # 83900, and please note that the LED harness for this specific truck is still under development and not available to purchase at this time. (Double check your headlights before buying)
  • The new Nissan Titan 2016-2018 has also been added to the online Quick Match application found on Western’s website which is used to help narrow down that specific plow that will work with your new Nissan Titan truck. Check back soon at SnowplowsPlus.com as well as Western’s website for all new installation and parts breakdown of Western Part # 35063 and # 83900 for specific information.
  • The vehicle mount kit for the Nissan Titan, Western Part # 35063 is specifically manufactured and designed for this model years 2016-2018 and has been tested to withstand the Western Snow Plows called out above. Shipments of the mount kit will begin the 2nd week of December 2017.

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