Boss Plows Rebate Program with Toro

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Boss Plows Rebate Program with Toro

As most of you know by now, Boss Plows was purchased by Toro this past year in an effort for Toro to expand their customer base and venture into the snow removal and ice management side of business.

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Boss DXT V-Plow Snowplow – Poly

We were told that there will not be any changes to Boss as far as price hikes, removal of certain plows and spreaders, or anything else that will hamper our current customers. This means that you can continue to your Boss Plow equipment without worrying about any major changes over the coming years.


One thing that Toro and Boss have updated us on more recently is a new Rebate Program geared towards those customers who have purchased a Toro eXmark mower in 2015.  If you are one of those customers who has purchased a Toro eXmark new in 2015, you qualify for $250 off of a new Boss Plow with a Plow Truck Rebate directly from Toro!

For further questions, feel free to ask the Snowman by contacting him via Live Chat or email at!

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